Under eye circles after 1 month post op rhinoplasty? Any remedies?

Hello, i am one month post op from my rhinoplasty and i still have under eye circles that are not going away, it also hard to hide them with makeup? Are they permenant ? I read that they take about 6 'months to resolve , however, is there anything that i can do to speed up the process? Thank you!

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Hemoglobin deposits

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Dear LLL111,

This type of problem occurs when red blood cells settle in your skin from bruising. The hemoglobin (protein that carries oxygen) from your red blood cells can create dark circles. That protein is eaten up by one of your white blood cells (called macrophages). These will then slowly remove the hemoglobin debris from the area. But you are correct, this can take months. Often, Vitamin K cream can be helpful as well as bleaching agents such as Hydroquinone cream. Furthermore, many people have luck with non-ablative lasers such as IPL which target the brown spots.

Speedy Recovery,

Dr. Hershcovitch

Calabasas Otolaryngologist

Dark under eye circles

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Dear LLL111,

  • This is a difficult problem that can take time to resolve
  • Typically this happens when bruises hang around too long and the iron leaks from the red blood cells leaving dark circles
  • Some recommend a vitamin K cream which also might help (you can find them on Amazon)


Dr. Nima

Nima Shemirani, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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