What can be expected at a Venus Viva appointment?

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Venus Viva Office procedure

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As with any procedure, a thorough consultation to assess treatment goals and to identify any health conditions which may affect the treatment, should be performed first.  Proper client selection is important.  Procedures, such as fractional CO2 laser, microneedling or the Viva, which stimulate the body’s own natural healing process and collagen production, work best in healthy subjects with good diets.

Also, for certain clients, like those with a history of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation or PIH, test spots should be done prior to any full face treatment.  

While the procedure is not overly painful, the treatment starts with the application of numbing cream to the treatment area.  Depending on the settings required for the treatment, I may also administer local anesthetic at the points where the sensory nerves come to the skin.  The numbing cream is allowed to penetrate the skin for usually 20-30 minutes.  Then the cream is removed and the area cleansed with isopropyl alcohol.

Working in sections, the Viva is then moved across the area.  You may feel the sensation of an ant crawling on the skin when the Viva is activated.  Complete coverage may require two or three passes.

Your skin will be pink to red, much like a sunburn, following a treatment.  The redness can last one to two days.  Occasionally pinpoint bleeding occurs but usually stops before the procedure is finished.  Mild swelling, particularly under the eyes, can also occur.

Some physicians may apply a post-treatment balm or even PRP immediately after the procedure.  However, at home you should use only cold water on the skin for the first 48 hours.  During the phase three clinical trials for the device, we had one test subject put a moisturizer on her skin about 6 hours post treatment and developed significant swelling.  The swelling took several days to subside and interfered with her normal activities.

After the redness subsides, the skin will likely start a mild, flaky-type of peeling.  Also you may have rows of tiny dots on the skin.  The dots are zones of micro-ablation, essentially tiny scabs healing over with fresh new skin.

Finally, as the Viva stimulates the body’s own natural healing processes, improvement and collagen production in the skin, continues for three to four months.  -Dr. Z.

Temecula Family Physician

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