Will excessive drinking cause permanent wrinkles?

I am wondering if excessive drinking causes permanent wrinkles. I know that dehydration caused by drinking can enhance the appearance of wrinkles, until you re hydrate again. I also am aware drinking can cause busted vessels, but I am specifically want to know if it causes permanent wrinkling. Wouldn't topical Retin A counteract a vitamin A deficiency caused by alcohol and therefore prevent the wrinkling?

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Alcohol and Wrinkles

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Alcohol is a toxin. The liver detoxifies/removes toxins from the body. Alcohol is a toxin to the liver and causes liver damage. Severe liver damage is called cirrhosis which eventually requires a liver transplant in order to survive. Alcohol damage reduces the liver's ability to do its job which is to detoxify the body and remove radicals that contribute to aging, among many other things. It is better to eliminate or minimize the cause rather than trying to fix the end result. The younger a person's alcohol intakes starts and the heavier his/her alcohol use, the worse the effects on his/her skin and liver. Retin A does not counteract Vitamin A deficiency. It is a metabolite of Vitamin A. It works by increasing the turnover of skin cells. Retin A does not prevent wrinkling.

Permanent wrinkles

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Wrinkling occurs due to volume loss, tissue damage, genetics, and generally aging. Although Retin-A can improve the apperance of fine wrinkles by increasing dermal thickness, it will not hold off wrinkles forever because that is only one factor in what creates a wrinkle. Similarly, alcohol can make wrinkles appear worse, but people who do not drink alcohol, will form wrinkles over time as well. Regardless, excessive drinking is never healthy and should not be done. There will be many other more serious health issues beyond skin wrinkles. Existing wrinkles can be treated with injectable fillers, Botox, chemical peels, microneedling, lasers and radiofrequency. Hope this helps!!

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