Epicanthoplasty or lateral canthoplasty? (Photo)

I'm a Korean who has very small and narrow monolids. I was wondering which of the two procedures I should consider having along with double eyelid surgery

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Again Blepharoplasty, what is right for me?

Hi Kpoplover,Thanks for your question and photos. I would do neither of the procedures other than you double eyelid surgery. The other procedures can lead to complications that are difficult to correct. See several surgeons that specialize in ethnic blepharoplasties. Hope this helps.
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Asian eyelid surgery

Thank you for your photo. Double eyelid surgery can definitely help make your eyes appear larger. Lateral canthoplasty is more aggressive with greater risk of scarring and unnaturally changing your eyelid position and eye shape. Medial epicanthoplasty is done more commonly together with double eyelid surgery. Depending on your skin type, the scarring on the outer skin may be unacceptable by some patients although it can be covered up by make-up. It is best to have an in-person examination to determine the best treatment plan to achieve your goals. Hope this helps!

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Epicanthoplasty in addition to double eyelid surgery?

"Double eyelid surgery" or "Asian blepharoplasty" is a very commonly performed procedure aimed and creating a natural appearing eyelid fold. Epicanthoplasty aims to move the fold in the middle corner of the eye. It is a procedure that can help the eye shape, but also has a high risk of scarring and problems. It is best to discuss the pros and cons of each procedure with an experienced eyelid surgeon.

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Surgeons here do not do the type of lateral canthoplasty you are thinking of.

In Korea, lateral canthoplasty has a different meaning than it does in the United States.  In Korea, it is used to describe a failed procedure that attempts to widen the width of the eye by advancing the mucosa to the outside skin.  There are many things wrong with the entire concept of this procedure.  It seems to be disfiguring.  Similarly, the epicathoplasty is potentially disfiguring.  Trying to move an inside fold to an outside fold puts a visible scar in a highly visible place in the face.  I and many surgeons do not feel the risk is worth the potential benefit.  I think appropriately performed double fold surgery will make a very nice difference for you without putting you at risk of permanent disfigurement.

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