Am I eligible for a Brazilian butt lift?

I'm 4'11 & my weight is about 105. I know this procedure involves liposuction but is it possible for someone with my weight to be able to get one? I don't have much fat on me, mainly just my stomach area & my back. My legs and arms are slim. I'm not hoping to get a Kim Kardashian booty. I just want an S-shape body, something that looks good with my height. I want enough fat because I heard some of the fat cells do not survive. I dont like the idea of silicone in my body

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Qualifying for a Brazilian

Weight or BBI by itself is not a good predictor if someone is a good candidate for a Brazilian.

Fat distribution irregardless of BMI is by far more important.

You need to add minimum post pictures but better yet have an in person consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who specializes in these procedures.

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