I have one ear which is curved. Where would the knife incisions go? Would there be any visible scar and how long would it be?

My helix is curved 1/4 of the way then becomes flat all the way up. My actual ear is curved but the helix itself becomes flat. My other is curved and normal, so only one of my ears has a flat helix, so the ear size is fine, its just that top part of the helix needs to be curved more and if this is done, will it look similar to my normal ear? Thanks to whoever replies.

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Otoplasty incisions

Though it's difficult to answer your question without photos or an exam, the common otoplasty incision is placed in the crease behind the ear, where the ear attaches to the skull.  In rare situations, I place a small incision just underneath or inside the curved helical rim.  If you're considering changing the shape of your ears, meet with a plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon who performs otoplasty frequently, and discuss your concerns.  Surgical planning, placement of incisions, recovery, and risks of treatment should all be discussed as part of your consultation.  Good luck! 

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otoplasty procedure

In our practice, placement of the incision for the otoplasty procedures located in the back of the ear.    It is usually undetectable, since it ends up being in fold behind the ear anyway.  

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