Drooping pretarsal lid 4 days post op DST blepharoplasty. Any suggestions? (photos)

Really like the result when I fully open my eyes - my eye that had ptosis was fixed (the one with the X mark above the brow). However, I noticed that by 4 day post-op one of my eyes has an abnormal droop to it. Is this due to swelling or is this something that I will have until I decide to get a revision? I feel the majority of the swelling is dealt with (I could be wrong, of course). Any opinions on this would be great before I check in with my surgeon (I couldn't wait and it's the 4th of July).

Update: This has been resolved. It is indeed swelling, and after one week, my eyes are pretty much symmetrical. It looks great. Thank you for the professional opinions!

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Droopy eye after ptosis repair

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HI theeseesit,

Thanks for your question and photos. At four days the swelling is not gone. It takes several weeks for eyelid swelling to go away especially if ptosis repair was done with requires more work on the inner parts of your eye. Please be patient with your surgeon. If the droopiness persists the go check with as something within the first week something can be done as maybe one the sutures with your repair broke. The person that is best suited to address your concerns is your surgeon. Good Luck!

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Please check in with your surgeon!

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You are only 4 days out from your procedure.  It is normal to have swelling.  Some swell more than others.  That swelling is like pasting a 50 cent piece to the upper eyelid.  Well it causes the eyelid to be heavy.  As the swelling settles down, the it is expected that the eyelids will open up.  I suspect that this make really take you several weeks but each week should be better.  If the ptosis persists, which is not likely, then yes this would be a problem.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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