When a Dr. speaks about being a "Platinum" injector, could they be sharing with other spas?

Ones that they do not own or associate themself with? In other words, could one doctor being buying product in bulk with their doctor buddies to save cost? Is that legal?

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The Politics of Big Business, not Medicine

There are different suppliers of neurotoxins.  Descriptors such as Gold, Platinum, Black Diamond and the likeare comments on volume purchase, and are not necessarily representative of the skill of the injector in question.  Indeed, however, one can purchase large volumes of product, but not necessarily be the actual injector of these large volumes.  Hence the difficulty in correlating these descriptors with actual experience. 

As to any comment on "legalities," this is not my area of expertise.  Any good injector-patient relationship should make it possible for you to ask these questions directly to the person you are seeing.  Further, you can specifically inquire as to whether the actual doctor, or injector, tagging their name with the various descriptions of Gold, Platinum, etc., actually does the volume of injection through their own hands. 

Lastly, one can inject large volumes and still not necessarily have the motivation to be improving and honing their skills as they inject these volumes.  It is never to late to learn. 

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