Is my donor good enough for 4000 Grafts? (Photos)

Hallo, i posted a question a few days ago, if a FUE Transplant is possible for me. I am 30 years old and i am taking propecia and minoxidil since 10 years. I wanted to get a 4000 Grafts FUE Transplant, but i am not sure if my donor is thick enough for this. It looks somehow thin. How many grafts could be extracted from my donor? Thank you very much for your answers

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Donor Density

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On the pictures provided, it appears that your donor hair caliber is above average and the donor density is average.  A procedure of 4000 grafts will thin your donor region slightly, but if done well, the appearance of your donor region should not change. 

There are only a handful of clinics that have the capacity to achieve 4000 grafts in a single setting so make sure to do adequate research.

Good luck

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Its not accurate to guess the available donor hairs based off of pictures alone, an exam needs to be done in person.

Sean Behnam, MD
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Hair transplant numbers

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Only by reviewing the photos, it is hard to judge the density of your hair.  However, most people who never had a hair transplant can expect to have at least 4000 grafts on their donor areas of scalp. There is a lot to cover between the crown and the front/hairline. I recommend an in person microscopic exam with a good hair transplant doctor to see where you stand along with coming up with a master plan as you are only 30.  Only then we can estimate of how much can be removed without depleting the donor area.

Parsa Mohebi, MD
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One cannot determine your doctor hair quality or density with photos. This involves an examination in person.

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One cannot determine your doctor hair quality or density with photos.  This involves an examination in person.  Even with great donor hair, 4000 grafts will likely make the back of your head look thinner (depleted). 

Jae Pak, MD
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