Hi Doctor! I want to know how much does a vaginal reconstruction cost? Can I do it in payments?

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Vaginoplasty/Vaginal Rejuvenation

I appreciate your question. Cost varies by geographic location, surgeon expertise, OR time, anesthesia, length of procedure etc.  I would recommend that you go to The American Society of Plastic Surgery website and look for a list of board certified plastic surgeons in your area.  You can call their offices in advance and ask for quotes prior to scheduling consultations. The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam. Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic and restorative plastic surgery. Best of luck! Dr. Schwartz Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Director-Beverly Hills Breast and Body Institute #RealSelf100Surgeon #RealSelfCORESurgeon

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Vaginal Reconstruction Costs

Costs for #CosmeticLabIaplasty and #CosmeticFemaleSugery
will depend on the following:
-The specific surgery that is requested
-The type of anesthesia
-The experience of the surgery
-The geographical location of the surgery
Estimated fees may also be found here on Real Self, and the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery website.

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Cost of vaginal reconstruction

Hello! This question unfortunately doesn't have a simple answer. Every surgeon has his/her own cost structure for vaginal rejuvenation procedures. The final cost ultimately depends on exactly what needs to be done to achieve your desired result. Cost will also vary from city to city, and vary depending on the surgeon's credentials. There are companies like Care Credit that many surgeons accept that offer payment plans. You should consult in person with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area to get a true cost estimate. Good luck!

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Vaginal rejuvenation prices

Every woman is indeed different as is every surgeon. I have been performing vaginal rejuvenation  since 1995 but really routinely since 2001 meaning more than 5 -10 per month. I have seen patients get vaginal rejuvenation from other surgeons for $2000 and I have seen patients pay >$10,000. The cost of surgery is what the market will bear and the skill, reputation and expertise of your surgeon. In my office we charge a minimal for vaginal tightening $6000 but this does not include the cost of the OR or the anesthesiologist.   I prefer to have patients go to an operating room for these surgeries to assure me the patient is completely sedated and does NOT move during the surgery. I do not want to take the slightest chance of the patient moving as it could cause me to accidentally botch the surgery.

So, What does it cost to buy a painting, a nice dress, a good meal in a restaurant, a ticket for a concert? It is all dependent upon a number of factors. Who painted the painting, how badly do you want that dress and is it for a very special occasion your wedding perhaps ( I've seen patients pay $8000 for a wedding dress which they will wear one time or get Veneers for their teeth and pay $25,000 just for the upper or lowers and $45,000 for both), are you going to McDonalds or an Jean-George restaurant, or are you getting front row seats to the Rolling Stones with VIP backstage passes?

Are you as a patient willing to pay for the best for a surgeon? Remember having surgery is one of the most important investments of your life! I encourage you to choose a surgeon wisely and though price is indeed an issue for most patients do NOT make it the sole issue. If need be put off surgery another year save the extra $2000 and pay for the best surgeon you can afford. 


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Costs of vaginal reconstruction

will vary by what you need and what kind of insurance you have.  If you simply are wanting vaginal rejuvenation with labiaplasty and hoodectomy, the fees in my practice start at $2000 and go up to $3500.  The procedures are done under local in my office and well tolerated by everyone.  And it can take up to 2.5 hours to complete.  Initial consultations can be done by SKYPE or phone if you are willing to send photos prior to then.

And despite what some will say, you are getting an experienced surgeon with good outcomes.  If there is any criticism of what I do, I am on the conservative side as revisions cost only $145.

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Cost for Vaginal Rejuvenation

Hello Estela,

Thank you for your question, but it is impossible to answer specifically since you don't mention what you are interested in. This is like asking "how much does a car cost?".

If you're having vaginal relaxation issues as a result of vaginal deliveries and are interested in restoring your support, function and pleasure with sex then I would recommend you consult with a reconstructive and cosmetic vaginal surgeon with years of experience. See link below for information on choosing the best surgeon for you. You should be prepared to travel to find the best doctor, so for this reason we offer a Travel Credit to those who fly in from out of state which helps with some of the added expense.

There are financing options available in most cosmetic practices that you can choose plans with low to 0% interest that fits your needs. This way you may proceed with surgery within weeks and pay it off over a period of time.

Best of luck,

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Cost for Vaginoplasty/vaginal rejuvenation

Good Day, Estela,

Total cost depends on what is done. If this is a "reconstruction procedure" to tighten the vagina after babies, put the muscles back together so you can exercise them properly, surgically re-build your "sagging" vaginal opening, and aesthetically rebuild the opening to close to what it was pre-childbirths, the operation is called "perineoplasty, posterior repair, and vaginoplasty." The cost in our office (COMPLETE, including surgeon's fee, assistant's fee, facility fee, anesthesia (local, done in the office), all supplies and pre- and post-op visits) is US$7250, less $400 RealSelf discount. While no plastic surgery offices accept "payments," we can hook you up with financing services who can help you. There are other potential discounts available if you phone the office. You may access the weblink below for more information. Whatever you decide, make sure this is with a cosmetic gynecologist or urogynecologist who SPECIALIZES in the aesthetic, sexually enhancing specialized type Of repair that you seek.

Best wishes,

Michael P Goodman MD
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Vaginal rejuvenation is a broad term for many procedures

Vaginal rejuvenation is the general term for over a dozen surgical procedures and even more nonsurgical procedures aimed at enhancing various aspects of the female genital area. Depending upon what changes you have in mind, the procedures that are required and their costs will vary greatly. Browse the link to get a better perspective on what your options are.

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