Is diVa vaginal laser therapy painful?

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DiVA Laser - Comfortable?

We use topical numbing medication for about 20-30 minutes prior to the procedure. During the beginning of the procedure, the laser feels like a knocking sensation on the inside. As the laser moves towards the introitus, it becomes stronger. There isn't pain, but the sensation can be anxiety provoking. The best news is that the entire treatment lasts 3 minutes! If you are very nervous, we can provide medications that help make you calm if you bring a driver. There is absolutely no discomfort after the treatment is over. It is well worth it for the sexual enhancement it provides!

Columbus Plastic Surgeon
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The diVa vaginal therapy is a comfortable in office procedure. We recommend the use of vaginal anesthetic cream prior to the procedure. Most patients report mild discomfort during the procedure which only takes a few minutes, and zero discomfort once the procedure is completed. 

Michael Coyle, DO, FPMRS
Pensacola Urogynecologist
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Not bad

Patients have described the sensation as being "not as bad as my annual GYN visit".   Most say 2-3 out of 10 discomfort.  Topical anesthesia is key.

Guy Cappuccino, MD
Mount Airy Plastic Surgeon
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Not painful

The DiVa Vaginal laser procedure is very fast, taking less than 5 minutes to perform. If topical numbing cream is used prior to the procedure, most women give it a 2-3 out of 10 for pain. If no numbing cream is applied, most women would give it a 5-6 out of 10 for pain, but the procedure is over before you really want to complain. No pain at all once done!

Sarah Haydel, MD
Houma Dermatologic Surgeon
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Diva for vaginal rejuvenation

The diVa procedure is very safe and effective.  You can expect to be in the office for 30 minutes or so.  The first 20 minutes are for numbing and changing into a gown.  The procedure itself takes 3-5 minutes and there is no manipulation of the machine during the procedure like the other lasers on the market.  Also, the portion of the laser that is inserted is disposable making it very hygienic.  You will experience so spotting for a day or two.  There can be a mild pressure sensation for an hour or two after the procedure as well.  We don't recommend vaginal intercourse or submerging in water for a few days.  Other than that, not much else to expect or worry about.All the best!Sheila Nazarian, MD

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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A topical anesthetic is applied in the vagina before the treatment. Patients describe the pain as a 3-4 out of 10. The pain varies with each patient but it's only 3-5 minutes.

Robert G. Aycock, MD, FACS
Bay Area Plastic Surgeon
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No, not painful.

The procedure is not painful, and I use my own specialty compounded numbing agent prior to the procedure.
Most women rate the discomfort at a level of 2-4.

Rakesh Nanda, MD
Columbus Physician
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