What would cause distinct thin raised lines around the eyes after CO2 and erbium resurfacing?

I had laser resurfacing over 5 weeks ago for dynamic wrinkles. I think fully ablative erbium and fractional co2. I have several very obvious raised lines around my eyes. They are firm when I run my fingers over them. Did the laser go over the same area too many times? My dermatologist said it was normal, that these are not scars and that the skin would remodel within 4 months. True? Anything that will speed up the process? Happy valentines day doctors - I'm stuck inside.

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Co2 Laser and Resurfacing with PRP

There are risks of burns, pigmentation changes, and scars after co2 laser despite it being "fractionated." Its way too soon to determine if there are complications from your procedure, at this time you are still healing. I suggest a silicone based growth factor gel, heliocare, a hyaluoronic acid serum. Follow proper post operative skin care for now. Hyperbaric oxygen and PRP treatments (which we do for our post operative co2 patients) can give a significant increase in wound healing at this time. If in 6-12 weeks you don't see clarity, nonablative lasers and microneedling/PRP can help improve the texture. Best, Dr. Emer

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