Difference between types of Tummy Tucks: Extended and Full Body Lift?

Hello! I've been checking out a several docs for a Tummy tuck and I've gotten 2 types of recommendations--extended tummy tuck and a full body lift. My areas of concern are my abdomen (obviously) and my flanks. What's the difference between the 2--besides the obvious incision size/location. Pros? Cons?

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Difference between an extended tummy tuck and a lower body lift?

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Hello and thank you for your question . It sounds as though you are not concerned with your buttocks or outside thigh areas. In that case a lower body lift is not needed as that is what it addresses compared to an extended tummy tuck .  The extended tummy tuck is similar to a regular tummy tuck other than making the incision longer to help get rid of flank laxity. Hope that helps clarify the differences for you.

Peter Fisher M.D 

Extended Tummy Tuck vs Body Lift

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An extended tummy tuck addresses the abdominal area in the same extent that a tradition tummy tuck does but the incision is extended further posteriorly to help remove additional loose skin in the lateral hip/flank area.

A full body lift is basically an extended tummy tuck but the incision extends posteriorly to the midline of the back.  A body lift will address the abdominal area, but also removes skin from the lateral thigh and the buttocks area.

A full body lift has a higher rate of wound issues given the nature of the procedure.

Hope that helps.

Extended tummy tuck vs Full body lift

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Thank you for your questions. It is very difficult to give you specific answer with out looking at your photos, height and weight. Did you have significant weight lost? 

The consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon will give you a more clear idea in your particular case.

The basic difference is: if you take off your close and sit down in a chair you will find a natural fold on the side, in patients who need an extended tummy tuck the incision will finish 4 to 5 inch from the hip bone.

If you have lost significant amount of weight and have loose skin not only in the abdomen but all around, stretch marks on the upper butt and you can grab loose skin around the butt, you will need a circular tummy tuck or lower body lift.

You have to remember every operation will target and correct specific areas of you body.

Good luck.

Sincerely Dr. Manuel Gutierrez Romero

Extended vs. Full Body Lift

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Since your primary concern is of your abdomen and flanks instead of your buttocks and thighs, an extended tummy tuck should be right for you. With an extended tummy tuck, the incision is longer than the one made for a standard abdominoplasty. This allows the plastic surgeon to address not only the abdominal area but the flanks as well. A full body lift is a much longer operation calling for an incision around the circumference of the body to take into account the buttocks, outer thighs, and hips. 

Tummy tuck types

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A standard tummy tuck invokes an interview ncision that goes hip to hip. Extended tummy tuck goes further and the full body lift goes all the way around the back requiring you to be turned over during the surgery.  Usually, the full body lift is used after massive weight loss. Without photos it is hard to tell which is best for you.  They also will differ in cost because an extended tuck or full body lift take longer to perform.

Extended Abdominoplasty Vs. Belt Lipectomy/Body Lift

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The extended tummy tuck just goes a little further to remove excess skin from the front of your hips. There is no defined end point as to how far it goes back, but most of the time the incision ends at the sides. A body lift is quite a different operation, and is everything a tummy tuck is plus a circumferential excision of skin with tightening of buttock, outer thigh, and hip areas.  It is a longer operation, and has a greater risk of seroma formation, incision breakdown, and blood clots. Go visit a few ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeons. Best of luck!

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