Did my dermatologist stitch my mole removal hole wrong?

I went in to my dermatologist to get the punch method used on my mole everything went fine but i looked at it and the hole of the where the mole was is there and its not completely closed by the stitches. He only told me it require 2 stitches but now im worried of how its going to turn out because i saw a video on youtube where the did the same thing i got done but the stitches were together nicely and there wasnt a hole. Is this a normal thing??

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Cosmetic Mole Removal -- SEE AN EXPERT Dermatologic Surgeon

I suggest you post photos and speak to your physician if you are concerned. Silicone based scar gels are best at this time.  Dr. Emer.

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Punch method for removing lesions

There is nothing wrong with using the punch method for removing a lesion.  It achieves a reliable biopsy result (much better than shaving a melanoma, for example, forever obscuring the real depth of the lesion).
That being said, mole removal can be regarded as an art form and there are more artistic, less scarring ways to remove moles that using the punch biopsy method.

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