Seeing the dentist soon before or after a breast augmentation

I know some nasty bugs can get into my system from dental procedures but how about a routine check up? I was planning on seeing the dentist a week before my BA but am afraid it would put me at risk for infection.

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Seeing the dentist............

when you have a teeth clean some bacteria may be distributed around your bloodstream. Therefore having a teeth clean immediately after a breast augmentation is not wise. A week beforehand should be fine.

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Dentist prior to Breast Augmentation

Usually just a check up is ok, but if you need to have anything done i would avoid doing that until you have checked with your surgeon to make sure they are happy with you doing this.

Dental Examination prior to Breast Augmentation

There should be no problem with seeing your dentist prior to Breast Augmentation if it is just a routine check up. However if you are going to have a procedure done by your dentist I suggest clearing this with your Plastic Surgeon. Sincerely, Dr. Rosenberg.

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Dental treatment one week before breast augmentation.

In my opinion a one week interval between your dental exam and your breast augmentation should be fine.  Personally I think it is better and less risky to have your dental exam before implants are placed rather than after.  Some doctors recommend routine oral antibiotics for any dental visit for patients with breast implants but I have not joined this group and have not been aware of a problem developing in my patient group.As long as your dental treatment is a week before your breast surgery I think you have little to worry about. Best wishes and enjoy the results.

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Good afternoon,

If you are getting any sort of procedure done at the dentist it is best to notify your plastic surgeon. They may want to reschedule your surgery if they beleive it can potentially conflict with the breast augmentation.

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Seeing the dentist soon before or after a breast augmentation

If you are seeing the dentist a week before surgery there should be no problem with going ahead with the breast surgery 7 days later. 

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Breast augmentation

I would prefer a week before the surgery. For routine dental work this really shouldn't be a problem.

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Seeing the dentist soon before or after a breast augmentation

If dental cleaning and scaling is being done notify your plastic surgeon who may want to provide a prophylactic antibiotic.

Seeing the dentist before or after a breast augmentation

No worries, unless you have an active tooth infection. All infections must be cleared prior to surgery. A routine exam prior to your surgery does not increase your risks. For one year after surgery, I recommend my patients take an antibiotic when having a dental procedure that will cause bleeding in the mouth. Not all surgeons follow this protocol. For more information on this and similar topics, I recommend a plastic surgery Q&A book like "The Scoop On Breasts: A Plastic Surgeon Busts the Myths." Good luck. 

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Seeing the dentist soon before or after a breast augmentation

Much will depend on exactly what type of dental work is done the week before your breast augmentation procedure. If you are undergoing minor work (or just a checkup), then I do not think you need to be concerned at all. You will not have any bacteria in your bloodstream one week after dental work.

On the other hand, if you are having any dental work that involves work such as "crowns", that can potentially be dislodged with an  anesthesiologist's airway device you may wish to delay the breast surgery.

I hope this helps.

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