Dental implants or bridge? (Photo)

Hi, I have got a front supernumerary teeth condition. My dentist has advised a dental bridge buy I have read that dental implants are better. My dentist also said that my face symmetry will be spoiled a d it won't good good if I went for implant. Please suggest.

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Front bridge or implant for front tooth

That is a tough one in your particular case.  It depends on how much bone is present around your supernumerary tooth. I can't tell without an xray. So, if you have the tooth extracted your options would be to place an implant which is usually my first choice. In your case, your dentist might be correct in the symmetry issue. If you do the bridge then his lab can modify the size of all three teeth. When I say 3 teeth you are considering the 2 anchor teeth and the replacement tooth. The three teeth in the bridge can be sized more evenly and give you more symmetry. With an implant you do not have that choice. The replacement tooth will be necessarily smaller to fit the space and will not look good. If you like, your dentist could do a mockup of the one tooth and actually show you what an implant could look like before you ever commit to one decision or another. That may be helpful. I think a bridge would be your best option in your case. Hope this helps.

Dental Implants vs Bridge

The first thing I would consider is a periodontal evaluation that would consist of x-rays and measuring of the gumline. The reason why I say this is because your photo demonstrates what could be progressive migration of your lower anterior teeth. I would first make sure that your periodontal health is stable, then I would consider an orthodontic consultation to align your teeth in the most stable position prior to considering a dental implant. When ever possible, a dental implant is the most natural way to replace a missing tooth since the adjacent natural teeth do not have to be involved in the procedure. 

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Braces , or implant

the best way to go is with braces, provably you do not want to have them for at least 1 year, and this will be a more long term solution,

but if not, so then you will need to think about something more fast , and implant, and a restorative crown, , going for bridge will not help, because you will need to grind down the continuous teeth. 

x rays are important, and also a clinical diagnose to make face analysis. to consider the bite . yes you have a solution. 

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