Will dental bonding work for closing my gaps? (Photo)

Looking for the least inexpensive way to close my gapped teeth will dental bonding work ?

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Dental bonding

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Your smile can be enhanced more with orthodontic treatment. Dental bonding would not give you the symmetry and the cosmetics that would give you a more natural smile. Since your gaps are large, dental bonding is not the ideal treatment. I strongly suggest to you to consider clear aligners to help in repositioning the teeth and closing the gaps. Clear aligners like the invisalign system are almost invisible and most comfortable to wear. I am confident your final results will look excellent. I often see clients like your smile and able to achieve drastic changes using orthodontics.All the best,

Los Angeles Dentist
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Least expensive way to close my gapped teeth

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Bonding will be less expensive at first,  but if you look at lifetime costs, orthodontics or Invisalign will come out ahead.  With bonding, you will require either periodic touchups or redoing them in 5-10 years at additional cost. So up front costs will be less, but  total lifetime overall costs, ortho or Invisalign will be less expensive.  You will also get a better, healthier result with ortho or Invisalign.  That being said, if you decide against orthodontics or Invisalign, bonding could be an option for you.  We would do a Smile Preview so you could see exactly how bonding would look before you committed financially to move forward with treatment.  We are often surprised at how well bonding can improve a smile when at first look it doesn't seem possible. Our Smile Preview, which is placed on your teeth in a short amount of time, eliminates disappointment as you can choose not to do the treatment if you do not like what you see with your Smile Preview.  And yes, the smile preview is complimentary!

Dental Bonding

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I do not believe the results would be very aesthetic.  The problem is excessive space between your teeth.  I would recommend you look into orthodontics as you primary option to correct the alignment and spacing of your teeth.  You will get a much better end result that can last the rest of your life if maintained. 

David M. Schertzer, DDS
Saint Louis Dentist

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