I'm trying to decide between Ceramic or Titanium Tooth Implant.

Which is easier to remove? If in the future, I need to remove it.

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Which is easier to remove ceramic or titanium implant.

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Great question.   There have been way more titanium implants removed and it seems that they are easier to remove as the ceramic implants integrate with stronger attachment.  As well the ceramic is more brittle so removal will be harder.   Having said that there is no reported fractures of properly designed and placed ceramic implants.  There are more fractures of abutment screws.  You must do your research and discuss treatment with a dental surgeon that has experience with both materials.   Good luck.  

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Ceramic vs titanium implant

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placement and removal procedure is same in both implants. u can go for any type of implants. only issue with ceramic implant is , it has higher rate of fracture.

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