Can a doc repair teeth under bridge then replace same bridge?

My mouth hurts so bad I have a bridge but I have cavities under neath now my bridge is loose and gums swollen , I ant afford new bridge, any suggestions???

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Bridge can not be re used!

Where there is a problem with the teeth under a bridge it would make it necessary for the bridge to be removed to access the teeth, Once the teeth are restored and saved, then a new bridge would have to be made. Delaying taking care of cavaties under a bridge only makes the problem advance and get worse. Please see your provider for an evaluation to guide you properly.

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Dental restorations cannot be reused

The process to fix teeth under a bridge will destroy the bridge, making it unusable. While there may be a way to use the bridge as a temporary restoration, even THAT is pushing it.

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
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