Will this curve go away after swelling? (photos)

Just had my revision rhino- from what I can tell the septum is deviated now to the other side- how is this possible? The doctor said it's the tip and swelling will help the appearance.. It has been a month, but as swelling reduces it curves more? it seems? What can be done? The idea of having a third surgery really scares me , I was so afraid of issues coming up after the first one and I right now don't even know if this surgeon is telling me the truth or not. I feel really upset and sad.

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It is early days post op and hard to tell - your have more swelling just above your right tip so this may be adding to the appearance of a curve 

LOng term if there is still some unevenness a small only graft can can be used to balance the contours or if you do not want even minor surgery then some safe cosmetic filler such as hyaluronic acid can be placed to even things out nicely - your pre-op shows a difficult problem with a significant inverted V deformity so considering this the improvement is significant

Give it more time

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Thank you for the questions and the photos. Healing after rhinoplasty can be a very frustrating process because you want an immediate result, yet it is difficult to tell what your final nose is going to look like because of all of the swelling. I agree that swelling persists for a year and happens in different locations for the first few months after surgery, sometimes giving the nose a crooked appearance. Be patient and if after 6 months you still are unhappy, set an appointment to discuss what you're seeing with your surgeon. Hang in there!

~Dr. Sieber

Revision rhinoplasty

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Thank you for your question, and I'm sorry you're having a difficult time.

1 month is very early in the process, but I can appreciate your anxiety. The swelling goes down very slowly and at various time in various places. Please allow sufficient time for this process to take place (usually at least a year). If your concerns persist, make sure to discuss them with your surgeon - he/she would know best what was done in your surgery and what can be expected. If after that you're not comfortable, have a low threshold to seek out a second opinion with an experienced specialist.

In the meantime, research some preferential make up techniques that can play with the shadows and make your nose appear straighter while it's healing.

Good Luck!

Michael Yerukhim, MD
Cleveland Facial Plastic Surgeon

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