Do I have a crossbite? I've been wondering cause I've noticed it looks like it (Photos)

I've seen pictures and they look similar and my stepdad also notices it but they say I don't need braces and I was wandering if I will or not ????

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Cross bite

Thanks for sending your question. You have a corss bite that is present in the back molar area. It would have to be treated correctly to align your back teeth. Also its important to note that your front lateral incisor is not in alignment with your other teeth as well. I recommend to treat both simultaneously. We routinely treat these problems efficiently in modern orthodontics.All the best,

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How to Fix a Crossbite

You could easily fix your crossbite with a little palatal expansion. You may or may not require braces after widening your dental arch. Crossbites should definitely be fixed as they can be damaging to teeth and the TMJ. 
Good luck!

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