What is the cost of a rhinoplasty (correcting bulbous tip and reducing width) and forehead reduction (3cm) at the same time?

Should I expect a discount?

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Costs and combined surgery

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Costs of rhinoplasty vary depending on the geographic area, the surgeon, and the complexity of the operation.  In general, rhinoplasty is around $7-10K when you factor in anesthesia and OR costs.  

Forehead reduction is a completely separate operation - this is also variable depending on the time needed and complexity of the operation.  

I would call your local surgeons and get a consultation and see if there is any discount to do the procedures together vs. separately.  Often you will definitely save on anesthesia and operating room costs, and the surgeon may be willing to give a combined procedure rate as well.

Good luck,

Christopher C. Chang, MD
Washington DC, Maryland,  and Virginia

Rhinoplasty cost

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Surgical costs can vary based on many factors including geographic location, surgical complexity, etc.  It is best to meet with a plastic surgeon in order to get a personalized quote that is tailored towards you.

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