How much will it cost to fix my nose after accident from my childhood? (Photos)

hi this is kabir from Los Angeles, CA. when I was four years old that time I drinking water with stainlees steel cup. suddenly I fallen down on the floor & my nose was injured/cut by stailess steel cup.I was crying that's why doctor could not sewing properly. now I am 32 years old. I wanted to do plastic surgery. I attached my nose photo. can you tell me is it possible to recover it? If how much will be cost? plz

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Rhinoplasty and scar revision of nose.

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your nasal scar can be revised but it requires an examination of the scar and the nose to tell you how much this would cost. The airway obstruction will be covered by insurance but the remaining cosmetic portion will not.  The nose can be made more attractive if you wish. See a very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon who does natural looking noses. 

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Fixing nose from childhood accident

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The slit defect of your left nostril can be corrected through your insurance as a scar revision; However, if you want to make your entire nose look better, you will require a rhinoplasty surgery which you will have to pay for: Cost ranges from 7 to 12K depending on what you need to have done. A consultation is very helpful to provide exact details and cost of surgery.

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