Cosmetic solution for chipped front teeth with a gap; Zirconium Crowns vs Veneers? How many should be done?

I chipped my front tooth n I want to fix my smile. I have gone to 2 dentists one suggested veneers and the other zirconium crowns since he felt that the chipped tooth won't be able to fully support a veneer given the full tooth structure isn't there (He said that we could go with a veneer on the other but there will be issues with uniformity) I also have a gap in my teeth i want fixed. So my questions are that to restore my smile: 1. Crowns or veneers? 2. How many teeth should I do 4-6 or more?

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Veneer or crown for chipped front tooth #DrSoftTouch

Veneers would be the best option for you to close your spaces and give you results you'll be smiling about. You would likely need to veneer your top 8 teeth. For the best esthetic result, I would recommend porcelain restorations, rather than zirconia. I hope this helps.  You can click on save below my name if you think you may have some follow up questions of me.

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Your new smile!

Hi, Thanks for sending your question. It is best to treat your teeth using a veneer product vs a zirconia crown. The Zirconia is not as esthetic as the veneers would be. Typically the number of teeth involved would depend on your smile and your other esthetic features. We routinely perform a smile design for each of our esthetic cases to achieve the best result possible. Once the smile design is done then you can see models of your before and after treatment before committing to the amount of veneers desired. Hope this helps you.
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Veneer or crown

I would most definitely go for the more conservative option which would be veneers.

Zirconia would involve cutting your teeth down a lot more and the end result is not as esthetic

The number of veneers is really dependent on how big your smile is and what you would like as an end result

Best of luck

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