What will be some considerable option to fix my smile ? Will bonding help ? (photos)

Looking for an affordable way to close gaps in between my teeth , will dental bonding be a option for me ? Eventually looking to get veneers in the future .

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Is Dental Bonding An option for me to close gaps

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Some patients do not want to go through time and expense of orthodontics, even though it is often the best option.  We have been able to close gaps successfully for many of our patients with dental bonding.  For it to be strong and long lasting, we have found that placing direct resin veneers provides the  best result.  It is more affordable than orthodontics and can often be done in one visit.  To see if a patient is a good candidate, we place smile  preview veneers on their teeth so they can see how they will look before committing to treatment.  This may be an option for you.

Braces or veneers.

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if you do not mind about the time, go for braces, it will take up to 1 year, and you will close gaps, if you do not want to wait, and you want a much better solution, you can have a great result with veneers, you can even change the shape size and color. 

Porcelain Veneers

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You are a great candidate for orthodontics.  Once the braces are completed you would likely need to have four veneers for a nice end result.  Best of luck.  

Fixing your smile

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I would highly recommend you look into orthodontic treatment first.  This can first establish healthy function and correct any bite malfunctions.  It looks in the photo like you may have teeth in crossbite.  If anything I would discuss with a dentist and orthodontist to get the best spacing possible of the teeth and then re-evaluate for any cosmetic dental work.  The one thing I can foresee is veneers or crowns for your lateral incisors as they look smaller dimensionally. 

David M. Schertzer, DDS
Saint Louis Dentist

Closing spaces

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There are basically 2 options for you--either closing the spaces by moving the teeth orthodontically or by closing the spaces by widening the teeth--widening the teeth can either be done with bonded porcelain or bonded composite. The more teeth widened the better so that the spaces can be spread out more so fewer teeth don't have to be too "fat" and would look un-natural.Find a reputable cosmetic dentist that can even preview your new smile either in your mouth with temporary veneers (this is ideal) or with digital photography or with models of your teeth so that you can see before you decide.Good luck

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