Is this common technique of performing Mixto laser resurfacing? Was this an experiment? (Photos)

I Had a Mixto laser treatment yesterday for acne scars (forehead and temples). Doctor burned some "dots" where my acne scars was very severe and did regular resurfacing after she did these "dots". On my forehead regular method - no "dots", since I do not have severe scaring on the forehead. I never saw something like that (I did different type of lasers before) and I could not find anything on the internet. I am very worry, is there a possibility that the doctor made my old acne scars more deep?

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Are MIXTO dots normal?

MIXTO uses a proprietary micro pulse fractional technique to treat tissue and to leave a healthy rim of tissue around the treated areas. It is normal to see these "dots" of treated tissue. Your doctor likely would have treated areas of scarring more strongly and those "dots" might have a slightly different look. All normal- hope this helps

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