How common is it to remove bone along with septal cartilage during rhinoplasty?

I had alar rim grafts inserted during a botched primary rhinoplasty. During my revision with rib grafting, my surgeon found these were made from bone and he replaced them. Is it common to find bone in rhinoplasty grafts?

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What is a graft of the nose made of?

A nose graft can be made of just cartilage like from septum and/or ear/rib or it can have some bone like from the hip or even from the nose that has been removed and used in different area.

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Bone for rhinoplasty grafts

In my experience, bone is generally not a great option for rhinoplasty grafts. There are few exceptions (upper dorsal augmentation, occasional strut). They tend to remain stiff and can often be felt through the skin. Cartilage is far superior. If the septum can't provide enough cartilage for grafting then it is usually better to harvest more from the ear or rib before resorting to bone. 

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