Is my CO2 laser recovery abnormal?

I had fractional co2 and erbium 2.5 weeks ago. I'm 27 and had nice skin with no scars, but some laxity. I know it's early in the healing process but I'm concerned because I have noticed some thin raised lines around my eyes. I can feel a ridge between the laser and non lasered area. Either it is raised or the skin is thinner on the lasered area. Near my temple is very sensitive and I still can't wear makeup because removing it causes my skin to peel. Could there be any long term damage?

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Swelling after co2 Laser

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In my practice you will be swollen for weeks after Co2 laser resurfacing especially since we do full lid and under eye treatment. I suggest oral antihistamines, oral diuretics and oral prednisone if you are concerned. Best, Dr. Emer.

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