How do I clean my nose 1 week post-op?

My surgeon did suggest a saline rinse, but what do I do after I rinse my nose? Do I stick a q-tip in to get the blood out? Do I just let it be? I don't want to stick anything in, with risk of damaging my nose. I had a rhinoplasty with osteotomies, and a septoplasty.

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Cleaning nose 1 week post-op #nosejob

No, do not stick anything in your nose. I have my patients do many rinses a day until the debris softens enough to gently blow our or it will just come out. I don't know what your surgeon has to say about you blowing your nose so ask. It depends on what was done to your nose. In certain instances I do allow patients to gently blow 2 weeks out. Just keep rinsing like crazy until things start to come out.

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How do I clean my nose 1 week post-op

Follow your Plastic Surgeon's instructions for post operative care.  The saline rinse should be fine, but I would not stick a Q tip in my nose without permission from my surgeon.  Best wishes!

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How to clean nose 1 week after surgery

Saline rinses, as your surgeon suggested, are helpful in cleaning the nose after surgery.  I would not recommend putting a q-tip in the nose, as you might cause some harm.  You could gently pat the bottom of the nose after rinsing if you needed.  If you have further questions about your after care, I would recommend contacting your surgeon, as he or she has the most information about you and your procedure.  

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