Chin implant pain 1.5 months post op.

I had a chin implant on Aug 30, 2016 and I have pressure pain on my right side in the front below the lower lip and above the jaw line The area sticks out more than my left maybe because my face is asymmetric Will this pressure pain go away? It usually happens when I start to chew or talk more than a couple of sentences I also only chew on the same side as the pain I feel as though that area is more tight and it is hard to the touch is this going to go away? how long does the pain usually last?

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Chin implant pain

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at over a month over surgery with placement of an implant, if one side is drastically different from the other, I would return to your surgeon for evaluation. Some minor soreness initially after surgery and asymmetric is normal,  but it should be getting better, not worse or stable. 

Chin implants and pain

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There is a risk of infection following the placement of facial implants for about 6-8 weeks. I have seen patients experience pain and asymmetric swelling when the chin implant is not secured with either a bone screw or suture. It is posible that the implant has moved. A cone beam CT wouls show if the implant is still in the correct position. I would make another appointment with the surgeon who performed your surgery.

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