Chin Augmentation. Two surgeries and still not sure about the results. Is my implant off? (photo)

I got a chin implant w/ lipo suction in March 2016. After a while it felt to me the implant was not in proper position & left of my chin was still numb. My doc decided to re-adjust the implant in July. Now in Nov and my implant still feels off. I feel one side is more full than the other. I also still have numbness on the left and I still can't smile like I used to. Also my bottom lip does not move when I talk. My surgeon states I should give it time but it's 8 months later. Thoughts?

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Chin Implant

Hi allstar21,

A dynamic facial expression should be demonstrated at least by video to show the function of the muscle related to the implant. A side view photo of your face is also neccessary for proper assessment of you facial profile, but based from the available photo, you seem to have a button shaped chin implant, and a revision mentoplasty with an anatomic type of implant with compensatory trim should correct the asymmetry and may even improve yoru facial harmony in relation to your jowls and jaw line.

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Implant position

Thank you for the question and photo but an examination is really needed so see some other experts in the area and get opinions

Dr Corbin

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