Does it look like capsular contracture or breast implant placed too high? Please give me some insight. (Photo)

I had BA exactly 2 months ago today. NATRELLE HP GUMMY BEAR my Right side has 550cc and Left has 600cc UNDER MUSCLE. I also had the fatty area above my breasts removed, please don't confuse those scars w/ my implants because those I repeat were placed UNDER MUSCLE. The big issue is that one of my breasts looks extremely asymmetrical and is a bit hard w/ small discomfort. Dr. Said it was ok and put me on Singulair 10mg and Vitamin E. I have been on it for 15 days now and have NOT seen any results.

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Capsular Contracture?

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Great question! Any time a foreign object is implanted in the body, the body responds by forming a wall of scar tissue around it called a capsule. In some cases over time the capsule may tighten around the implant and thicken, making the implant feel firm or even hard. In advanced stages the contracted capsule can even distort the shape and position of a breast implant.  Some patients have had some softening of their capsule(s) by using the medication Singular, which may aid in some relief.  The mainstay of treatment for capsular contracture remains surgical intervention, which is typically not covered by your insurance. I suggest making an appointment with your surgeon to discuss all treatment options. Good luck!

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