Is there any way to get butt reshaped after bbl without having surgery and dealing with downtime for third time? (photos)

Had a Brazilian butt lift may 2015 Went in for a revision January 2016. My butt is differant sizes and has dents and isn't even

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BBL revision without downtime

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Sculpsure is a non-surgical alternative to liposuction to reduce areas with stubborn fat.  You might consider doing this for the outer thighs, just below the level of the buttock.

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BBL without downtime or surgery

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Hi Starberry40,
Thanks for your question and photos. First, the answer depends on what you expect. It can be corrected with Cellfina which removes some cellulite dimples that may or may not remain based on your photos. Two, some coolsculpting when placed in the right positions can remove some of the areas where there are asymmetries. It looks like that will likely give your evenness but a smaller butt. This more than likely is not what you are looking for but is an option. I think that you need to get several other opions because your contour is less than ideal and will likely need surgical revision by SAFE liposuction which can shift some lower and out thigh fat up into your rear where you need it. Please see several board certified plastic surgeons that specialize in BBL revisions. Good Luck!

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