Butt Implants; does this look like sign of infection? (Photos)

Got surgery six months ago and sitting has been a problem the pain comes fast and there is a reddark rash looking like mark on both of checks and it looks like on top layer of skin and it itches a lot but to me it looks like blood clot marks than rash and I do get sharp pains that comes and go to

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Buttock implant stretch marks

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These appear to be acute stretch marks, from your skin being stretched too quickly. There can be pain and redness when these first appear.

Buttock augmentation

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At 6 months post op you shouldn't be having these issues.  it seems like there is something up.  My advice to you would be to go back to your surgeon (or a surgeon that specializes in this procedure) and get to the bottom of it.  Its possible you may have some fluid surrounding the implant.  I'm sure your surgeon will be happy to see you.  Just make sure your surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon. 

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