Bulge in my mid-section after Tummy Tuck, will this decrease with time? How soon until I see my final results? (photos)

I'm 6 weeks post-op from a tummy tuck surgery. I'm concerned with a bulge/crease in my mid-section. 

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You probably have substantial swelling in your entire subcutaneous tissues of your abdomen, and over the next three months it will dissipate. The midline crease may possibly be due to progressive tension sutures. Ask your surgeon if that is the reason or if he used such sutures. Regardless, with decreased edema and/or absorption of sutures, the contour of your abdomen will improve. Best of luck!

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When muscles are tightened in tummy tucks

they bring the overlying skin with it to the midline.  In the ideal world, this is all released and  the skin redistributes itself but if the plication was considerable, you will have what you have following this procedure.  As mentioned by others, allow full healing (at least 3-4 months) and then consider liposuction of the ridges.  I would have to have my arm twisted to put fat back unless there was no way to get the bulge down.

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Central abdominal bulge and central crease

Central bulge and crease is due to muscle plication bringing the skin together and bunching it up; at this point you have to be patient until all the swelling is gone; three months should suffice; if it does not resolve, I would consider liposuction of the bulging part and fat grafting to the central crease.

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Final tummy tuck results typically take 6 months to achieve. The swelling all tummy tuck patients get in the lower abdominal area is due to a disruption in the lymphatic flow of fluid from your skin and subcutaneous tissues by your incision. As those regrow, your swelling will improve. Ultimately, follow up with you plastic surgeon to make sure it not something more serious like a hematoma or seroma.

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Tummy Tuck and Crease Postop

Thanks for the photo.  I do see in the picture what you are referring too.  It appears to be more a crease in the skin.  Given that you are 6 weeks out, I would continue to follow your surgeons recommendation and be patient.

Once you are 4-6 months out from surgery they you may re-evaluate things then.  You may be quite happy then and things may have settled just fine, otherwise you can look at your revision options.

Good luck.

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