I Have Always Had Chubby (droopy?) Cheeks. Am I A Buccal Fat Removal Candidate. (photo)

I have always had chubby (droopy?) cheeks. I have always been curious to what I can do to achieve a slimmer face. Im not considered "overweight" but always to appear heavier due to my round chubby face. What are my options? I am 30 years old and know (genetically) it will never slim down. Both parents have round "chubby" features and they are not overweight.

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How to treat a chubby face

Dear evoerick84,

  • Buccal fat pad removal is a nice way to remove the fat in the cheeks safely
  • It does take several months for the results to finalize
  • There is also a limit to how much fat can be removed
  • When you are ready, please come in for an exam and your options can be discussed
  • It is realistic to expect an improvement, it may not remove all the fullness, but it is a start

Nima Shemirani

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