Lower Right Brow As Compared to left & eye asymmetry. Any suggestions? (photos)

i feel slight heaviness in the right upper eyelid which increases sometimes & why my right eyebrow is lower as compared to the left one? which wasn't the case before.i want to know the possible reasons for my asymmetry & what can be the effective & permanent treatment to eliminate this asymmetry? i am 22 now,huge insomniac & i have noticed this asymmetry since 2 yrs as earlier my both eyes were symmetric & i really want to get my eye symmetry back without disturbing my eye shape.

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See oculoplastic specialist

It is difficult to tell what the issue is from the posted photo. See an oculoplastic specialist for in person evaluation. See following video too.

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You do have a right head tilt in the photograph.

That makes everything look a bit off in the photograph.  It also makes the left eye look higher than the right eye.  A personal examination would be helpful to better understand your concerns.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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Eye and Eyebrow Asymmetry

Your front facing photograph seems to demonstrate mild elevation of the left eyebrow and retraction of the left lower eyelid with scleral show (white portion of the eyeball exposed) and a normal position of the right eyebrow.  There are many possible reasons for these findings. Please see a board certified fellowship trained MD Oculoplastic Surgeon with expertise in eyelid and orbital surgery for a complete evaluation and to discuss your options.  You are listed in Los Angeles which has many world experts in this field. Best of luck in your search!

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