If you already have implants and want a revision, do doctors remove the original implant?

I know some of my friends who had there breasts done quite a few times over the past several years? Some women had started with a C cup inplants, than they went to a D cup implants? What I want to ask you is if the person wants to go one cup size larger after an implants has already been inserted into the person, do they remove the original C Cup implant inserted the first time during surgery, than they inserted the D cup implant? Is this very common practice today?

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Breast revision

Great question!  Depending on your goals for revision surgery, sometimes you keep the same implants, other times you get new ones.  If you are having a revision, but you like the volume and size, then in most cases you keep the same implants and thus save some money - if the implants are very old, then it maybe a good idea to change them out anyways as the newer implants have improved.  However if you are having a revision and desire a change in volume or size, then you will need to have new implants place - one possible exception to this is if you have saline implants, the doctor could adjust the volume size by either adding or removing fluid and then you could possibly keep the same implants.  So the situation is different for each patient.  The best recommendation is to present for a consultation so that a proper examination can be performed and your goals reviewed so the best course of action can be tailred for you.Best of luck and hope this information helps!- Dr. Roger Tsai

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Implants and Cup Sizes

Hello,There are no 'C cup' implants or 'D cup' implants. In fact, its just a bad idea to talk about breast size using non-standardized bra measurements. If you want bigger breasts, you'll need bigger implants.  So yes, the old ones are removed and the new ones are replaced.Best of luck!

Gerald Minniti, MD, FACS
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Revision with implant exchange

As a general rule, older implants are changed when revisionary surgery is done because the older the device the higher incidence of rupture. If you are interested in increasing volume, the simplest way is to have a larger implant placed and the smaller one removed.If you desire a subtle increase in voluma and the implants are relatively new, fat grafting is another option. This would allow you to keep your current implant and augment the breast with your own fat.Seek out a board certified plastic surgeon to review your options.Good luck and I hope you found this helpfu. 

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If you already have implants and want a revision, do doctors remove the original implant?

Not all revisions of breast augmentation include volume change, but if you want a different volume then you will need different implants. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Breast revision

Revision surgery would require an implant exchange for a larger new implant. Seek board certified breast surgeons on your area 

Stuart A. Linder, MD, FACS
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