Breast lift w/implants 16 weeks post, daughter pushed against chest. What's your opinion? (photos)

Breast lift w/implants 16 weeks post op. My daughter pushed against my chest. I sent my PS surgeon pictures & he instructed me to keep it clean, clean with peroxide& apply Neosporin. I sent him a recent picture & he says it looks better. What's your opinion.

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Breast lift w/implants 16 weeks post, daughter pushed against chest. What's your opinion?

Hello dear, Thanks for your question and provided information as well.. i have to say that your case is common, you have your stitches spitting outside your breasts from the incision, this is normal when you do something rough, they will close when your surgeon helps you to do it, you have to go with your doctor to remove and close your incision, keep it clean always with medical soap and antibiotic cream. Hugs!

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It appears you have a somewhat common issue known as "spitting stitches". Occasionally the deep sutures, which dissolve eventually, can become exposed and contaminated causing this. These will close much faster if any remaining exposed suture is removed. Your surgeon can do this. Otherwise, the recommendations are sound.

Robert H. Hunsaker, MD
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Spitting Stitches

It looks as if you have a couple of spitting stitches. Follow your surgeon's advise, but if you see an edge of a stitch sticking out, get in to see him as removing it will speed up your healing process. Best, Dr. Nazarian

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
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Spitting Stitches

Hydrogen peroxide should not be used frequently, as it is too harsh on healing tissue. If there is more suture material in the wounds they will not close. You should be seen by your surgeon soon to make sure of this. Continue with ointment. 
Best of luck. 

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Spitting sutures

 From the photos you have provided, it appears that you have two spitting sutures. I agree with the advice given by your plastic surgeon for treatment. If you can see a little bit of the stitch poking through the skin I would go back to your plastic surgeon and have them remove that stitch because this will accelerate your healing. Good luck.

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