Can a breast lift be done like a brow lift?

I have rather large breasts, and my left only sags a little more than the right. The nipple alignment is off by no more than half an inch, but when I pull my skin above the left up slightly, my breasts are equally aligned. I only want that kind of surgery to be done. Is that possible and what would be the cost?

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I appreciate your question.

I perform a liposuction breast lift that removes tissue from the areas you don't want such as near the armpit and the lower portion hanging near your stomach. Once I use this to shape the breast I then remove the skin to tighten the breast and create a better shape with nice cleavage. Since I perform this less invasively the recovery time is faster. The size would depend on the proportion with your body versus going for a cup size.

The best way to assess and give true advice would be an in-person exam.  Please see a board-certified plastic surgeon that specializes in aesthetic plastic surgery.


Best of luck!


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Can a breast lift be done like a brow lift?

A horizontal scar on the upper chest to lift as a brow lift would lift can be done, but the scars are better concealed lower on the chest.

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Intended Result of the Breast Lift

 The women that are candidates for #breastlift– include:


A woman who’s had a pregnancy. Maybe her breasts have become either just deflated, or the skin has been stretched from pregnancy, and or breastfeeding. And now is in a lower position than she would like. So, by doing the breast lift, we can tighten the breast, tighten the breast skin, and put it into a more youthful position.

The other category is patients who have had weight loss, again, through either diet or surgical procedure. And a lot of women, when they lose weight, their breasts will lose weight, and they, again, may have some sagging of their breasts.

And then there’s a third category, which are #DevelopmentalBreastProblems.  I see young women that come to the office, and the two breasts are very asymmetric. One breast is lower than the other. There may be differences in size. Or there are certain conditions: one’s called tuberous breast deformity, where the breast has a more unusual shape. It may be very narrow at the base on the chest. The whole breast can be very narrow. There are different variations of it. But basically, that’s a growth and development problem that creates a lot of angst for a young woman.

Intended Result

A mastopexy or breast lift operation is designed to improve the shape and position of the breast without reducing their size. It is used for breasts which sag or droop (ptosis). Sagging of the breasts may occur with normal development for some women, or as part of the aging process. Pregnancy, breast-feeding and weight loss are other conditions which increase breast ptosis. Some patients will have a better shape to their breast such as increased superior fullness if an implant is used at the time of mastopexy. The procedure can also be combined with a minor breast reduction to reduce the breast width if desired. The surgery will create an elevated, more youthful breast contour. Also, the procedure will create nipple and areolae of the desired size and at the correct height.

I prefer to use a #shortscar technique, #LollipopScar or #DonutLift” rather than the majority of surgeons in the United States that use an anchor pattern lift which involve more significant scarring.

#Cost of Breast Lift Surgery

Costs will depend on several factors: the geographic location, the skill and experience of the surgeon, and operating room and anesthesia fees.  Approximate costs can be found on the Real Self website,, or

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Breast lift

A breast lift can be done through a variety of incisions depending on the goals of the lift. If your only goal is to reposition the nipple, a smaller incision is generally done around part or all of the areola to help reposition and/or resize the nipple-areola complex. As more dramatic changes are done, then the incisions also become more complex. For a breast that needs significant excess skin and breast tisssue removed or repositioned, you may then require excisions which also travel down or across the skin of the breast. It is best to have an in office examination so that precise breast and nipple measurements can be done and the pros and cons of your incision options be given to you so you can make an informed decision. Hope this helps!

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Thank you for the question and though the technique would be different then a brow lift there may be techniques to lift your areola without scars but an examination is needed.

Dr. Corbin

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Can a breast lift be done like a brow lift?

Hello dear, thanks for your question and provided information as well.. It is not the same, as you have large breasts and much breast tissue you need to get a reduction along with the lift too, you will need to get rid of the extra skin so you will have a long scar. the average cost is 3200 to 4000 us here at the DR.

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Can a breast lift be done like a brow lift?

An incision across your upper chest to raise your breast is impractical since it would be visible and likely to heal poorly.  The only option may be a periareolar lift to raise your nipple position with a circular incision surrounding your areolar.  Practically speaking most patients with large heavy and droopy breasts require more than this so I would recommend that you meet with an ABPS board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss options and review photographs of other patients.  I might add that I have seen photographs of breast lifts through the use of the RFAL device however I am not sure whether there is data showing the longevity and accuracy of benefit but this may be something for you to evaluate and consider.

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Can a breast lift be done like a brow lift?

Trying to develop an operative plan to correct an anatomic deformity is impossible without an idea of the deformity with at the least a set of good photos. Please feel free to resubmit your question with front and side view photos, arms at your sides, if you like.

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Internal breast lift

Internal breast lifts have been described using threads to pull the breast up. However, the verdict is still out whether this provides a stable lift as the threads will eventually give out and the breast will likely fall again. This is in contrast to the gold standard lifts which actually move the nipple to a higher position on the breast by cutting around the areola and resewing higher on the breast mound.

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Breast Lifting: What it Entails

A breast lift would require at least a limited incision on the areola of the breast.  Sometimes this incision can be at the top of the areola, and at other times it requires an incision around the areola.  For heavier breasts, incision may be required from the areola downwards to the breast crease.  The type of lift is best determined by an examination with a board certified plastic surgeon.    If you are just looking to balance the nipple position, it is important to think about what will make you incision and just a minor difference between the breasts, or a scar and less difference between the breasts.    Hope this helps!

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