Breast implants too high 8 months post op (Photo)

I had a transaxillary breast augmentation 8 months ago. I chose 354 cc silicon breast implants under the muscle. I wore a band for about a week. My doctor said the implants would drop with time. It has been 8 months and the right side is noticeably higher. Is it too early to consider a revision or will the implants continue to drop?

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High-riding Implants 8 months after Transaxillary breast augmentation

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At this stage (8 months) your implants are unlikely to drop much more. You should consult with your PS to determine your options.All the best,Dr K

Implants too high

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From your photos, I see so many cases like this when the implants are placed under the muscle.  To correct this, the implants should be replaced OVER the muscle, or smaller implants used.

Augments 8 months out

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rarely have much further settling of the implant.  Your surgeon should be more than happy to discuss your options on how to achieve a better result.  And you can also address the mild asymmetry of the inferior medial pole at the same time.

High riding implants

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You have what we call high riding implants.  After 8 months they are unlikely to drop.  I suggest you discuss with your PS the possibility of lowering the implants.

Implant Malposition

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It is likely your breast has an element of capsular contracture preventing it's proper descent and causing it's malposition. The use of a band is irrelevant; they do not contribute to the healing process and are therefore unnecessary in breast surgery. 
You are likely a candidate for a revision surgery at this point. Regardless of what is done, an inframammary incision should be used to minimize any chance of capsular contracture. 
Best of luck!

High implant

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Since it has been 8 months, you may need a revision to let the implant settle down. I would suggest going back to your surgeon and discussing your options. Ultrasound therapy could be helpful.

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