Why are my breast implants to firm to my chest? How can I make them more natural looking?

There's a celebrity with implants I have seen in Playboy.I think we have the same size & type: 550 cc, silicone. However, her implants look realistic: crease under the breast, move around realistically, while my implants remain tight to my chest. When the doc saw me for post-op appt he said I needed to lay on a floor for 30 mins per day & always wear a bra to get the right look. I DID skimp on these instructions!Now 3 years after surgery,the implants are still just tight to my chest. Suggestions?

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Firm implants

There are many different possible reasons for what you are describing - capsular contracture, tight tissue and large implants, implant pocket size and position.....     your plastic surgeon can help explain why you have a different result than someone from a photograph.    

Implants (even the exact same implants) will look different in different bodies.  There are a lot of variables that impact outcome - muscle tightness, skin tightness, presence of stretch marks and skin laxity, body fat, chest wall shape, breast tissue amount, breast "footprint", base width, etc.      

See your plastic surgeon (or another experienced breast implant surgeon for another opinion) for recommendations.    A physical exam in person will be the best in this circumstance. 

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Dr. Michelle Spring

Why are my breast implants to firm to my chest? How can I make them more natural looking?

If your breast implants are hard and did not move and glide  when you squeeze them you may have capsular contracture.  It is important that he return to your surgeon for an examination.  The other option is that he may not have enough skin and breast tissue to comfortably accommodate the large implant.

Why are my breast implants to firm to my chest? How can I make them more natural looking?

Thank you for the question. It is difficult to answer your question without examining you. However, given that they have not come down since your procedure it probably means too large implants for your breasts or  something is preventing them from dropping also capsular contracture. It is best to have a consult with your board certified plastic surgeon and review your options. Good luck.

Himansu Shah, MD
Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon
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Exam Needed


If your breast implants feel hard and tight you may have capsular contracture. I recommend that you be examined in person. Ask your Plastic Surgeon to assess your concerns again or book an appointment with another surgeon for a second opinion.

All the best

Jerome Edelstein, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Why are my breast implants to firm to my chest? How can I make them more natural looking?

Tight to the chest could be so many different things. I am not exactly sure what is going on. You could have tight skin, you could have what we call capsular contracture which is when the capsules around the implant become very tight. This can really only be determined by direct examination. I would return to your doctor, or better go get a second opinion if you are not liking what you hear from the original doctor. I always say give the original surgeon a chance. But for this one you really need to be seen in person. 

Richard J. Brown, MD
Scottsdale Plastic Surgeon
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Why are my breast implants to firm to my chest?

Your description sounds like you have developed capsular contracture.  You should follow up with your surgeon or if you aren't comfortable, seek the advice of other board certified plastic surgeons.  The capsule (scar tissue) can be removed with a relatively simple operation with or without Strattice ADM and this should yield the softer, more natural result you are looking for.

Michael Brucker, MD
San Diego Plastic Surgeon
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Implants tight and stuck to your chest

Sounds like you have either implant malposition or capsular contracture. Could you provide a photo of your description so that we can provide a more accurate recommendation.

Arian Mowlavi, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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