Breast augmentation 9 mo post-op, bottomed out or encapsulated? Nipple on top of breast and scars are high, next steps? (Photos)

I got a breast aug 9 months ago. (32A + 325cc Natrelle silicone implant--> 32C). My nipples are now high, not in center of breast. I was told my capsule may have broke and my breasts now sit low. A dermal mesh and sutures were mentioned, but not sure of the solution or next steps to take. I would like my nipple to be in the center and my scars to lower because they are now high.

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9 months post breast augmentation

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Judging by the photos you provided it seems that your breasts have "bottomed out". "Bottoming Out" occurs when a breast implant(s) slips below the natural, or surgically lowered, inframammary crease (the fold line just under your breasts where they meet your chest).  The nipple and areola may tilt upward as the breast implant heads southand the scars from your breast augmentation may travel up the lower breast mound. To correct this would require surgical intervention and I suggest making a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss further. Good luck!  

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