Braces - vacation. What will happen if I don't get my wires tightened for six months?

I have an year left with braces I get then tighten once a month. I will be leaving to VA for 6 months but I'm scared that if I don't get my adjustments like I normally do every month my process will delay or even at worst make my teeth worst making me need to wear my braces for more time ... what will happen if I don't get my wires tighten for 6 months ? Will it delay my overbite process ? Can I pay an ortho to attend me for 6 months meanwhile I return to my home state?

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Braces - vacation


Thanks for your question. Unsupervised care is not good, that is why you are required to be seen every month or so. The specialist checks that your appliances are intact and you are on track with the plan. Leaving for 6 months will delay your treatment. Most specialist will not see you if you are not a patient of record.

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