Bone graft?

I recently visited a periodontist about getting a tooth implant in my back upper molar. He said, he will do the implant, but, the implant may not take because I may not have enough bone. However, he says that I don't need a bone graft...which is strange to me, because won't a bone graft add bone for the implant to stay? Confused.

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Bone Graft

Hi, thank you for your question. My recommendation whenever you are missing a tooth is to consider a dental implant replacement. It is the most natural way to replace a missing tooth. Whether a bone graft is needed or not, please don't give up on having a dental implant placed. The benefits are too great to pass up. Good luck!

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This can be a little confusing. Bone grafting is usually done at the time of tooth removal. When this occurs and is allowed to heal there is usually enough bone for a stable implant. If the tooth was removed a long time ago the bone may have not been as thick as previously. You can't just shove bone under the gum and expect it to adhere. So, depending on the type and thickness of the bone you have present, you may or may not have a stable implant.  

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