Bonding for severe gum/bone recession.

I went to dentist in Mexico today to get 6 upper and 6 lower teeth bonded for severe gum/bone recession. I asked the dentist if he would bond the interproximal spaces, but he ended up bonding the entirety of my teeth, included the roots on both sides. I didn't want to cover up my healthy enamel, so I'm freaking out now. Will having my teeth completely covered result in tooth decay/death? How can this process be reversed? Thanks!!

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Can bonding be reversed?

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Bonding can be reversed without harm to your tooth if the dentist did not remove any of your healthy tooth structure before bonding them.  The bonding can be removed but it must be done very carefully so as not to damage your teeth.  
In your case, you should have a dentist evaluate the bonding to see if it is causing any harm to your teeth or gums.  Then you can decide if it needs to be removed for health reasons, or if you want it removed for cosmetic or other reasons.

Severe gum recession and bondings

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when you have recessions, the root is exposed, and the resin from the bonding does not work as good in the root, my recommendation is to make veneers instead, this is much better way of having a long term solution, also bondings sooner or later they will stain, veneers are strong, and even more cosmetical.


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Without photos its difficult to know exactly what you are dealing with--that said--bonding strengths are much stronger between composite and enamel  than the strength of the bond between root surface and composite. Therefore you should not have to worry if the bonding was properly done that it extends onto the tooth enamel.
The leakage and possible decay if it happens is much much likely along or below the gumline. I hope this information helps you. Dr M

Can you floss?

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If the tooth is too bulky, you can have problems.

If you cannot floss, definitely get it checked out!

Sometimes we bond teeth together for stability, but this does not sound like WHAT you wanted...

Dr. Reiser

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