Bi-lateral skin & nipple saving mastectomy followed by reconst w/implants. Now R/L breasts look very different.

Bi-ltrl mast skn & nppl saving 03/13, tiss expnds for 6 mo then reconst w/impl. Now R/L brsts look very different. After the initial swap of expnds for impls L brst was approx a cup sz smaller but it was also the one the tumor was rem frm pre-chemo 1 1/2 yrs prior. Another surg was perf 4 mos ago lipo fat frm abdm & move to L brst but L brst is still quite bit smaller vs R. PS wants to wait & see & didn't want to talk about ways to improve. In general what the options in this kind of situation?

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Breast Reconstruction - Fat Grafting

Fat grafting occasionally requires a couple of sessions as you lose 50% or so of the grafted cells. It’s good to give it time to let things settle, but you may require further fat grafting and/or implant exchange.

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Asymmetrical breast reconstruction

Without photos is is a bit difficult to answer your question. However, asymmetry following breast reconstruction is not uncommon, and often “revision” procedures are required to get the best possible result. The revisions may consist of switching to new implants, using two different sized implants, mastopexy and/or fat grafting. It is wise to wait at least 3-6 months in-between stages. Good luck.

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Breast reconstruction revision

Breast reconstruction revision could be achieved by ,any ways either using a different implant, expander, or your own tissues. Waiting for 3-6 months is a wise approach to allow settling of the tissues. A picture or in person exam will help a lot to be more specific. 

Hisham Seify, MD, PhD, FACS
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