Benzodiazepine before Laser 595 and Microdermabrasion, will it cause problems?

hello; in 7 days I'll undergo a Laser 595 treatment (for telangiectasia) and a microdermoabrasion (for skin thickness and sun damage); I usually take 2 mg of Tavor per day; I was wondering if it's better for me to stop it 3, 4 days before the procedure or if it is safe to keep on taking them till the day of the procedure; my fear is that it could cause 'problems' in the downtime or in the success of the procedure itself. Please advise.

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Benzodiazepines before surgery

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I routinely use benzodiazepines for all my CO2 laser treatments. In our office, we use intravenous anesthesia with benzodiazepines prior to facial laser resurfacing to assure that there is absolutely no discomfort to the patient. Benzodiazepines are very safe as long as a patient is not allergic to them. They will not interfere with the recovery.

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