BBL revision consideration advice is needed?

I had bbl on 10/21 I went to my 1 wk post opt I was informed that my left butt had a dent prior.I was injected 900 cc on each butt. My right butt is bigger than my left. My side profile on my left looks significantly smaller. I had a lot of fat to harvest from I was 170 lbs.I specifically told the doctor I wanted a big prominent butt. If the doctor knew my left butt had a dent why didn't he inject 100 cc more?Why didn't the doctor inject more fat considering that your body will reject some.

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BBL revision consideration advice is needed?

The dented area may be restrictive and not amenable to additional volume augmentation, but this would be speculation without more information.

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BBL revision consideration advise is needed

Thank you for your question, but without good preop and postop photos it is difficult to comment. Your surgery was about a months ago, and no revision should be contemplated for at least 6 months. Follow your surgeon's advice at this time. Good luck with your healing.

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