BBL too large and I want it to look more natural.

Had BBL done three years ago which i was extremely happy with and a revision to fix just a small section that had flattened out almost a year ago. Along with my revision I had a tummy tuck done as well. Ever since my revision and my tummy tuck I am very unhappy with my butt. It's very large! I went back to my doctor and he already took some fat out and I'm way too scared to go back a 4th time. Is there a way to fix it without surgery?

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BBL too large and I want it to look more natural.

First are you sure the BBL was just fat? If yes than might offer KyBella injections but very unpredictable and off label use & $$$. Otherwise maybe Thermi Smooth 250 RF sessions could slightly decrease fat volume but that also very $$$s

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BBL too large and I want it to look more natural.

The safest way to decrease the size of your buttocks, would be to lose some weight. Liposuction is the other option and likely that will leave with some loose sagging skin.

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Options for a smaller butt

The concern with taking out more fat is developing a saggy butt, which obviously no one wants. Not sure what your current height and weight is, but the butt usually responds to fluctuations in weight after BBL; you may find that, with a little bit of weight loss, your butt is exactly the size you want. If it continues to be too large, liposuction remains your only real option.
Hope this helps - Sam Jejurikar, MD

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Making your buttocks smaller

Your only option is to suction out the fat and may be consider a buttocks tuck (lateral thigh and buttocks lift). Please see examples below.

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